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Lymphoma Diaries, Post-Chemo day 20

Lymphoma Diaries, Post-Chemo day 20

So. I’m just gonna lay this out there.

Cancer SUCKS BIG FAT ROTTEN EGGS. I have other choice words but this is a family blog.

I was fine the first week, fine like no effects – day 7 I was tired. Days 8-11 I had nausea and tummy issues and generally felt bad – I’ve run a fever off and on, almost always at night, 3-5 days a week. Most day times are fine. But – I have a 3:30pm energy expiration. After 3:30 I still function just not on my normal level.

Tomorrow is my first post-round-1 appointment to check all my blood levels and see the oncology NP. And tonight I feel awful. Why? Why on day 20 after so many good days??? I have a fever. I was sick last night and I had a fever all night. I’ve had swelling of the hands and feet since Sunday. They are itchy and I can’t wear my wedding rings my hands are so fat. I’m not a happy camper.

Now, I’ve been upbeat and happy-go-lucky about all this and blown off any side effects. Until now. Tonight I’m having my own personal whinge-fest. Whine whine whine & bellyache. Boo. Tomorrow will be better. Friday at 9am I have round 2 infusion of Brentuximab. Friday at 11am I have a bond hearing. Friday at 2pm I am going to the beach.

The beach will soothe away my cares. But today I feel kinda crummy and I feel like maybe it’s the first time I’ve really whined publicly about it but sheesh. I’m fighting here and some days are harder than others. Like today was GREAT! All week has been. Busy at the office, doing the lawyer life thing and then momming after and enjoying the puppies and babies (teenagers are still babies, no?) and my very sweet, very handsome husband at night. But tonight I feel bad and I’m grateful for puppies and babies and my Willie. ♥️