Will is tall.  Will is handsome.  Will is a super smart and endearingly kind guy.  He is also a nerdy computer guy and loves any and all video games and gadgets.  JJ loves him very much.







JJ: JJ is a lawyer.  JJ is a mom.  JJ is a nerd, too.  JJ knits, sews, gardens and watches college football and Project Runway.  Will loves her.






Cole Patrick Walker – #1 second grader, big brother to Carson, and Star Wars obsessed seven year old.  Loves playing outside with his buddy Collin, picking on his sister, and playing Xbox with Will.  Is lightning fast on the football field, and a very good hitter in baseball.  Can read faster than mom. (This bit is sort of amazing because mom is a good reader.)







Carson Claire Walker – Sock-averse and head-strong little sister to Cole. She turned six on August 1st, her first day of 1st grade.   Never meets a stranger, loves to paint, draw and create anything artistic.  Fights relentlessly with her brother, prefers to sleep with her pillow pet and is a very conscientious “mom” to her American Girl doll, Kit Kitteredge.  Can talk more than mom. (This bit is sort of amazing because mom talks a lot.)

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